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The Collection Coach is dedicated to helping chiropractors maximize their income honestly and ethically, through compliant, evidence-based documentation, office compliance plans, and profit rescues. We offer the most comprehensive patient documentation systems for all chiropractic offices. Whether you're using electronic or paper records, we have a solution designed to suit your specific needs. If you are concerned about compliance plans we have a solution for you. Do you want to increase profits without increasing overhead call us today!

Are you aware that the OIG is on mission to uncover fraud, waste and abuse of Medicare? Through MAC, RAC, and C.E.R.T. audits the OIG is recovering and huge return on investment. (For every dollar they spend the return is $8.10). Don’t leave in Fear! Know what they are looking for. The Collection Coach will teach you from our evidence based approach how to grow your clinic with peace-of-mind.

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EHR Chiropractic Documentation -Introduction Video

Texas Journal of Chiropractic - Medicare's Doc Fix Act Article

Click this image above to view our article in the Spring 2016 edition of
the Texas Journal of Chiropractic.